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2014 Nutcracker Dance Recital

Each year GYDA has a charity Nutcracker dance recital to raise food, toys, hygiene items, and paper items to donate to the Collinsville Food Pantry. On November 22, thirty four of our dancers performed in our annual Nutcracker performance. Each year our show is a different variation of the original show. As much as possible I try to not have a dancer repeat a group part and no dancer has ever repeated a main character.

With this in mind, our show varies each year. This year we had “Party Girls” who attend the party with Clara in the beginning of the show, Mice (our youngest participants), Flowers (older and younger), Dolls (our oldest dancers), Toys (our company dancers), and a variety of main characters (mostly soloists) including Clara, Fritz, Sugar Plum Fairy, Nutcracker, Arabian Princess, Chinese Princess, Russian Princess, Spanish Princess, Angel Princess, Snowflake Princess, a Lead Flute, a “Tarantella Princess” (GYDA created that part!), and a Flower Princess. For the second year in a row we added a “Surprise finale” and had the entire cast (along with any alumni in the crowd or dancers from our studio who opted out of Nutcracker participation) sing, act out, and dance to Mariah Carey’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” From early November through our last week before Christmas Break our youngest dancers sing/dance/act out that song and it is my FAVORITE part of Christmas, so I decided to bring it to the stage!

One of the best parts about our Nutcracker show is that it’s a group effort in every way. Not only do the dancers learn specific routines and where character costumes, each character/group/main part has an additional responsibility to make our show a success. Many parts have to bring boxes for the donated items to ease the stress on the food pantry. Some parts are in charge of setting up or tearing down the scenery/stage. Whatever the role of the dancer, this show is only a success if everyone goes the extra mile, and each year GYDA dancers do just that.

Our 2014 Nutcracker show was a huge success! Thanks to the dancers who practiced hard for two months to make it such a great performance. Thanks to their parents and family members who have helped commute them where they need to go and who worked just as hard to contribute to our show! I look forward to making our 2015 show even better!

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