December 2014 Newsletter

December 2014 Newsletter

Nutracker 2014: A huge thank you to all of the dancers and parents who participated in and supported our 2014 charity show! It was a job well done!

Christmas Break: Our studio will be closed December 23-January 4 for Christmas Break. Classes will resume January 5.

January Payment & Costume Fee: January’s regular monthly payment and a $65 costume fee (per dancer which covers the first payment of their ballet/tap/jazz costume, and an additional fee for acro if your dancer is in this class) There will be a $20 late fee PER costume fee that is late. This payment is due with monthly payment no later than January 10.

Christmas Parties: Monday ballet/tap/jazz dancers will have their Christmas parties on December 22nd. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ballet/tap/jazz (even ballet/tap only or pre-dance only) will have their parties December 16-18 in class. Monday 5-6pm, all Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ballet/tap/jazz dancers should bring a wrapped $5 gift exchange with no name in the “To” portion of the name tag and their own name in the “From” portion. Dancers are invited to bring treats to share with the class. Acro classes will not have a gift exchange, but are welcome to bring treats for a party. Grace Dance Company, Mon. 5:45-8:15, and Mon. 6-8pm dancers will have a $10 Secret Santa exchange on the above dates and will NOT do the regular $5 gift exchange.

Christmas Parties Dress Code: We invite dancers to wear holiday shirts or ugly Christmas sweaters to your dance class party! These should be worn on top of regular dance clothes. Other festive wear is welcome. 🙂

Invoices: Invoices are going out soon! Ms. Abby is trying to make sure all accounts for 2014 are paid in FULL before the New Year starts  If you have any questions about your invoice please send Ms. Abby an email or inquire with Ms. Ginny on Tuesday night. If an error has been made, please have check copies ready for us to see! Thank you! 🙂

Variety Show Sign-Up: Dancers interested in performing a solo, duet, trio, or small group in our 2015 Variety Show (the “pre-show” before our recital) should sign up for a practice slot this week. Practices begin in January. Dancers will need to bring a copy of their music to leave at the studio and a $65 costume deposit for this special routine, and they will pick out their costume at their first practice. Most practices meet for a half hour every other week from January-May. The cost per half hour is $20 for a solo, $10 per dancer for a duet, $7 per dancer for a trio, or $5 per dancer for a small group of 4 or more. Some dancers prefer to meet every week for a half hour, or every other week for an hour—please occupy these slots on the correct pages when signing up. Participation in our Variety Show is completely OPTIONAL!! Performing a routine in a show like this is a great way to showcase your dancer’s hard work and talent! Also, this gives the dancers the chance to have a say in their costume, song choice, and even choreography preferences. Practice slot sign-up will be on the counter in the kitchen area.

Poms: If your dancer is between the ages of 4 and 10 years old and is interested in adding a pom class to their schedule, please sign up in the hallway. This sign up is to generate interest only, as dates and times haven’t been set yet. Pom classes are a half hour in length and will add to your monthly rate accordingly. Pom classes will begin either in January or February and the class will require an additional costume fee (typically less expensive than the $65 down payment for our main show)

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