January 2015 Newsletter

January 2015 Newsletter

Happy New Year! The teachers and I are so thankful for the gifts & wishes you blessed us with this Christmas. I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break with their families. I am so excited to announce this year’s recital themes and other plans for the year.


Our 2015 recital is potentially set for Thursday June 11. I am waiting for confirmation on which auditorium we will have, but we will either be at Belleville West or East High School. Dress Rehearsal & pictures will be held during the morning/afternoon that same day at the same location. Our older students will be in one show, and our youngest students in another. Each show will begin with a variety show of solos, duets, group dances and more that are unrelated to our themed shows this year.

2015 THEMES:

  • Older Students: Our older students will be putting on a production of Tarzan! This is a great story of learning who you are in life and meeting new people.
  • Younger Students: Our youngest students will be putting on a show using the music from the various Madagascar movies! This will be a fun show of animal characters with familiar music along with some music true to the movies.


If your dancer is participating in either of our themed shows, they will have a $65 costume fee due January 10. Wednesday 5-5:30pm acro has an additional $65 costume fee due. Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm has a special note about their costuming. Pointe class should look for a note at your next class with your pointe costume information. For those of you in our Tarzan and Madagascar shows, your dancer will wear the same costume for every dance (ballet & tap or ballet, tap, & jazz)—which saves quite a bit of money!


Please note the reserved spot on the far right side in our lot. This is a spot for the tenants that live above the studio. Thanks!


One reason we love GYDA is because it’s a family. To help our family run as smooth as possible, I ask that we all chip in to be extra considerate about our surroundings including keeping doorways open and as uncrowded as possible between classes, picking up food and other messes we leave behind, and monitoring the studio candy that is given out to siblings throughout the night. Non-dancers should only be eating studio candy AFTER their sibling’s class if their parent believes they behaved while waiting. I love having so many people who feel at home in the studio and consider it an honor to see you each week!


Don’t forget-payment is due by the 10th of each month! Please include your $15 late fee if you pay after that date. Thanks! 


In the event of bad weather (snow, ice, tornadoes, etc.) we will change the voicemail on the studio phone by 2PM to confirm closing. If possible we will also send out an email and update our website letting you know if the studio is closed. If bad weather is to occur during studio hours rather than the daytime, please call the studio to confirm if we will stay open the remainder of the night before coming to class. Missed lessons due to the weather cancellations can be made up in a similar class and do not count against your perfect attendance records.

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