Collinsville Dance Classes

Baby Dance With Me (1 year olds)

“Baby Dance With Me” is a class for our one year old dancers (or two’s that aren’t ready for a class without mom or dad) to move and groove with their parent or caregiver! We will explore basic body movements and teach the foundations of dance, friendship, classroom structure, and more!

Tiny Dancer’s (2 year olds)

These classes are exactly what the description says—our tiniest dancers! This age focuses on basic motor movements, listening, following directions, learning how to be in a group setting, and other important LIFE skills. We incorporate fun music and props while instilling the joy of dance. This class meets once per week for 30 minutes.

Tippy Toes (3 year olds)

Tippy Toes is the first class where the begin taking two styles of dance during a class. This class is a ballet/tap combo class that meets once per week for 45 minutes. Like Tiny Dancer’s, we incorporate a lot of fun music and props to jumpstart the love of dance while teaching these little ones how to follow directions, have better balance, work together, and so much more.

Tutus for Tots (4 year olds)

Tutus for Tots is another ballet/tap combo class, except these dancers meet for an hour each week as they can hold their attention a little longer than our younger dancers. These dancers learn more about the full use of their body movements (adding arm movements while the feet move, head movements, etc) and so much about expression—different emotions dance differently! In addition to these methods we also work hard on advancing their dance progress while having fun at the same time.

Kidlets (5-6 year olds)

This is the age where we begin adding in jazz dancing with their ballet/tap combo class. These dancers meet for an hour and a half once a week and boy are they busy! This is a great age as they begin to really piece together any prior years of dance they’ve had—or if they are brand new, they are little sponges and catch on quickly! We work hard to focus the energy these dancers have to make something beautiful—and enjoy it too!

Kidance (7-10 year olds)

This ballet/tap/jazz combo class meets once a week for two hours. Ballet and jazz are each 45 minutes long while tap is 30 minutes long. This is a fun class where the dancers focus hard on terminology and furthering their foundation of dance (beginner levels are offered too!). This age is full of dancers who have made that conscious decision that they actually DO like to dance—while it’s a fun activity, they are getting more and more passionate about it and enjoy the challenge of getting better.

Dazzler Dancers (9-12 year olds)

This ballet/tap/jazz combo class meets once a week for two and a half hours. This is a vigorous class with a high work ethic where it is still fun but definitely more “work”.

Diamond Dancers (11+)

This ballet/tap/jazz combo meets once a week for two and a half hours. We offer a beginner/intermediate level along with an intermediate/advanced level. This class is a continuation of the dance foundation they have built over the years and challenges the dancers weekly to improve stamina, strength, and technique.

Hip Hop (5+)

This is a weekly 45 minute class that is high energy and FUN! Join us as we rock out to great music and learn new movements!

Tumble Tots (3-6 year olds)

This is a beginner level class for our 3-6 year old dancers who want to flip, roll, and bend their way through life. Dancers learn motor movements to get them ready for a more advanced gymnastics/acro class when they are ready!

Strength & Tricks/Acro (7+)

We offer two types of acro classes; a Strength & Tricks class that is a non-recital class focusing strictly on nailing your tricks and getting stronger/more flexible, and Acro that focuses on a more rounded curriculum that also spends a portion of time on choreography. Each class is an hour class that meets weekly.

Pointe (invitation only)

This class is for our strongest ballet dancers who have interest in learning how to dance en pointe. A typical dancer will spend at least a year in pre-pointe classes (combined with pointe) and earn their shoes sometime in the second year of this class—though some dancers need more or less time. There is no easy answer for when/if your dancer will be ready for pointe shoes as it depends on their body, turn out, and technique. This is a 45 minute class that meets weekly.

Lyrical (11+)

This class focuses on lyrical and sometimes contemporary movement, teaching the dancers how to move with expression both in their body and faces. This style of dance is extremely popular and is growing quickly. This is a 45 minute class that meets weekly.

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